Airxelerate Calisto Automate

Easy and customizable business process automation
Airlines and Tour operators are in strong competition and increasingly feel the need to digitize mostly all their areas. Complex processes, isolated solutions and semi-manual structures prevent airlines from becoming lean and smart. The Airxelerate Calisto Automate solution enables complete automation of existing and new back-office processes, resulting in significant cost and time savings. Our solution offers a wide range of functionalities that can be fully controlled and customized based on business process automation - BPMN 2.0.

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Revenue Integrity

  • Improve your revenue by protecting your seats with our flexible and rule-based solution
  • Add new checks instantly, or benefit from our extensive library of standard checks
  • Reduce your distribution cost by eliminating unproductive bookings in real-time
  • Include not only PNR checks but also post flight ticket checks
  • Enhance the accuracy of your reporting and forecasting


Back Office Automation

  • Full automated and integrated solution to automate and standardize all your back-office processes, including mass rebooking, ticketing, reissue and refund
  • Queue management
  • Advanced control of flight time changes and communication to your customer
  • Automated crew reservation
  • Customized invoicing & reporting

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Loyalty Management

  • High value customer identification and prioritization
  • Implementing new tier benefits without PSS development, like free neighbor free seating and gourmet meals
  • Integrate with external services, like Limousine service and restaurants
  • Upgrade processing
  • Establish separate communication processes for your frequent travelers


NDC & One Order

  • Easy access to airline content via standard REST APIs
  • OpenAPI with Always up-to-date interface documentation based on OpenAPI spec
  • Sales channel management, with Automated PNR creation, matching and ticketing
  • Branded fare management with adding product benefits automatically
  • Fraud prevention by matching tickets, fares and included benefits/ancillaries
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Our state-of-the-art-solution enables a fast and easy implementation and a fully customization, so that customer experience is immediately enhanced. The company focus can be moved back to the core business.

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